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The science behind growing strong nails


Until now it was a never ending battle to grow strong, healthy nails. They were either so dry and brittle they constantly broke or they were soft and weak and would peel and never grow longer. Frustrating we know. The only solutions available were topical brush-on strengtheners and hardeners... of course more chemicals and toxins. We do enough damage to our nails with acetone polish removers, formaldehyde and toluene based polishes, and let's all cringe together at the sound of your nail technician sanding off your latest UV gel manicure!


So what else were our options? Really nothing, if you wanted to be chemical free, all natural and not pop a daily vitamin supplement.

We knew there had to be an alternative, something healthy, something quick and easy that anyone could use at home, something cool and high-tech, something that challenged everything we've been taught about caring for our nails. 


stimunail nail growth strengthener


The solution was StimuNail, the 1st beauty device to stimulate nails!


Under the cuticle is an area called the matrix, this is where keratin proteins produce new nail cells. Nails need nutrients and oxygen to be their healthiest and strongest. When circulation increases, blood flow brings these vital nutrients and oxygen to the nail matrix. StimuNail uses both heat and massaging vibration, two methods shown to boost circulation.


At the same time, StimuNail targets red LED light directly on the cuticle. Red light therapy was developed for NASA in the 1960's. It has been shown to reenergize cells, invigorating them to boost energy production and cellular regeneration, giving cells the ability to repair, heal and perform at optimal levels.


Wow, even we are impressed!