Are your nails damaged from toxic gels or acrylics, did you peel off your last manicure and now your nails are thin and weak, or are they just slow-growing?

We've been there and we get it!

The 1st nail wellness device that naturally supports overall nail health for growth, strength and resiliency.

Gentle Heat

Gentle Heat

Cells perform best when at optimal body temperature. Unfortunately, our fingertips are generally one of the coldest parts of our body which leads to decreased blood flow.

Stimunail gently warms the nail area, like putting on a warm glove.

Red Light Therapy

Red LED Light

Decades of research has proven the countless benefits of red light use. This vital light is absorbed by cells and used to create energy, kind of like charging a battery.

Stimunail's red light is directed on the cuticle area where nails cells grow.


Vibrating Massage

Having good circulation is vital to developing cells, healthy blood flow supplies nutrients, hydration and oxygen, just what developing nails cells need to grow.

Our soothing vibration invigorates the entire hand with a massaging effect.

Stimunail looks different because it is different

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That's what she said

The treatment feels really nice. It is so simple to use and I can definitely tell that it's working!

Sara, 28

I've always had weak nails and I think I've tried everything. I am so happy there is finally something new.

Maggie, 49

Yes my nails are growing! Love this product and the nail care tips really helped. Thank you!

Cristina, 34

If your nails grow at a snail's pace, cop Stimunail, a chemical-free alternative for nail growth...

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