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Are your nails damaged from toxic gels or acrylics, did you peel off your last manicure and now your nails are thin and weak, or are they just slow-growing? 

We've been there and we get it!

StimuNail is the nail care device for anyone who wants to grow strong nails naturally. It's a high-tech, chemical-free option for those with slow-growing nails. It stimulates the fingernail and cuticle area where healthy keratin nail cells grow.

Even works while wearing polish or artificial nails!

Comes with our quick tips guide for growing long nails. Plus a nail growth chart to check your progress.

USB cord included for simple recharging

Sanitizes easily with disinfecting wipes


How To Use Stimunail

Natural and Toxin-Free

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Ricards

This is a wonderful nail growing device!! My nails are growing longer and, more importantly, are growing stronger. I believe I will have a full set of beautiful nails I can polish for the Holidays!! Thank you StimuNail!!

Cristina Ott
Nail Game Changer-It Truly Works!

Oh my goodness I do not know where to begin. I started off doing nails a couple of years ago and my type was always super thin, bendy nail that would always break and crack if I did not have any kind of polish, gel, or powder over it. I was gifted a Stimunail from a client and it changed my nail game. I went from constantly having to need a product on them to keep them from breaking to now keeping my nails bare with extreme strength, durability, and shine. I use it now every week before, during, and after my manicures. I recommend it to any of my girls who follow my nail studio and I highly highly recommend the product. Thank you for creating such a beautiful component that can come with me in my purse when traveling. Will be purchasing more for any giveaways I hold!!!!

Clare McCully
I'm in LOVE with Stimunail!!!

I have to say THANK YOU for creating this product! What a change in my nails! I'm in LOVE with Stimunail!!! I've tried EVERYTHING and always got the same result - weak nails and disappointing manicures. After just a few weeks, I have a brand new set of nails I never thought I'd have. I've waited decades for this. I am so, so, so grateful to you!!!! I am going to tell EVERYONE I know about this product. Yea!!!!

Bunny Jeffryes
Really works!!

Easy to use and this really works. My nails are stronger everyday

Erin Hoover
My nails are loving this!

Maybe it's just me, but I felt a difference after a couple of uses. Definitely worth trying, excellent customer service. I emailed them and they got back to me with in 10 minutes.