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StimuNail is the nail care device for anyone who wants to grow strong nails naturally. It's a high-tech, chemical-free option for those with slow-growing nails. It stimulates the fingernail and cuticle area where healthy keratin nail cells grow.

Even works while wearing polish or artificial nails!

Comes with our quick tips guide for growing long nails. Plus a nail growth chart to check your progress.

USB cord included for simple recharging

Sanitizes easily with disinfecting wipes


How To Use Stimunail

Natural and Toxin-Free

Customer Reviews

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Bunny Jeffryes
Really works!!

Easy to use and this really works. My nails are stronger everyday

Erin Hoover
My nails are loving this!

Maybe it's just me, but I felt a difference after a couple of uses. Definitely worth trying, excellent customer service. I emailed them and they got back to me with in 10 minutes.

Haven’t noticed a lot of mail growth…

But my nails feel stronger which makes me happy. I will keep using it daily and see how it goes as far as growth. I’m happy with the product. I am an avid user of red light therapy it helps with my arthritis and the red light therapy I use on my face has significantly reduced the broken capillaries on my cheeks from sun damage. So there’s NO doubt the abilities of red light therapy! Thank you :)

Darlene Hallett
Stimunail WORKS!

I bought Stimunail about three months ago. Within one month, I couldn't believe the difference and I was a skeptic - who wouldn't be when I've tried SO many different things to grow and strengthen my weak nails over the years? Mine are paper thin and would always flake and peel at the tips. Stimunail WORKS! What more can I say. Give it a try. For just $70 Canadian - it's equivalent to one professional manicure.

Monika Mehl
Amazing Customer Service

I received my Stimunail device and unfortunately, it was defective. The red light wasn’t coming on. I immediately contacted Stimunail and was expecting to get nowhere but to my surprise, they were super cooperative and shipped out another one the next day at no additional cost to me. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never had better customer service than with Stimunail. You can really tell they believe in their product and value their customers. I’m on week 3 of using the device so I will give another review after the 12 weeks.