The Rise of Nail Wellness

The Rise of Nail Wellness

The Rise of Nail Wellness?
 As COVID-19 closes salons and keeps many diehard nail spa customers at home, they are now fending for themselves. Consumers accustomed to going to salons for their weekly manicures have been left to deal with grown-out, damaged acrylic and gel manicures, and their removal at home.

But there may be a silver lining. We have seen a rise in a new category called ‘nail wellness’. Beauty routines to improve nail health and condition are replacing the typical manicure simply to adorn your nails. And women are really embracing this trend!

Online searches on how to perform a mani at home, how to shape, buff, and file, the best cuticle oil‘s, how to remove gel polish... have created a flurry of tutorials. Even sales of nailcare kits, strengtheners, buffers, and cuticle oils are at an all time high.

Women are realizing how poor their nail condition actually is after having been covered up and disguised by gels for years. Some women are trapped in a cycle of removal and reapplication because they were embarrassed by the condition of their natural nails, so they immediately covered them up with their next set of acrylics. By taking a break, they’re realizing how much healthier their nails are becoming. They’re embracing the health and beauty of their new natural, bare nails.

Stimunail is the first nail health device on the market and we are leading the way in this new category of nail wellness. Stimunail is the only product for at home use that supports the overall health of nails and is ingredient and chemical free.

We couldn’t love this trend more!